À la carte menu


Fresh Garden Salad
with Melon, Radish and Sprouts
8 €

Oven Baked Goat Cheese
with a Grenadine and Fig Salad
served with a Raspberry Vinaigrette
9 €

Creme Brulé of Atlantic Scallops
in an Almond and Bechamel Sauce
served with Crostini and a Mango Chutney Compote
14 €

Grilled Mediterranean Octopus
served with Sliced Orange, Garden Salad and a Cucumber Pesto
14 €

Chefś Beef Tartar
with the condiments of  Quails Egg, Diced Onions,
Capers, Marinated Cucumber and Crostini
14 €

Caesar Salad
with Grilled Chicken or King Prawns
7 €


Creamy Cauliflower Soup
accompanied by a Light Truffle Oil and Grissini
7 €

Puree of Garden Peas
blended with Fresh Mint and Mascarpone
7 €


Ricotta and Spinach Ravioli in a Herb Butter Sauce
9 €

Oven Baked Norwegian Salmon
served with Seasonal Baby Vegetables, Omelette Galette,
Steamed Asparagus and a White Wine Saffron Sauce
20 €

Pan Fried Pacific Sword Fish
served on a bed of Potato Fennel Puree and a Butter and Caper Sauce
23 €

Succulent Oven Baked Rack of Lamb
marinated in  Honey-Mustard and a Mint and Almond Breaded Crust
with Estragon of Couscous, Steamed Asparagus and a Black Current Wine Sauce

25 €

Pan Fried Fillet of  Duck Breast
served with Polenta, Steamed Pak Choi,
Marinated Beetroot and a Cherry-Wine Sauce
20 €

Grilled Beef Tenderloin
served with an Avocado and Peanut Butter Salsa, Potato Croquettes,
Caramelized Onion and Greens, and a Cognac Sauce
25 €

Champignon Truffle Risotto
with Parmesan and a fresh Rucola Salad
9 €


Chef’s Home Made Lime Cake 
with a Red Current Cinnamon Dressing and Fresh Wild Forest Berries
8 €

A Banana Parsnip Tartar
topped with a Green Apple Sorbet in a Rhubarb Dressing
7 €

Cinnamon and Chocolate Fondant
8 €

Selection of Cheeses and fresh Fruits
9 €