Our story

The restaurant was named after Baron von Theophil von Stackelberg´s children. Emmeline was one of the names given to his first child and Otto was one of his first son’s names.

Desipte the fact that Emmeline was two years older than Otto, they were very close and shared their innermost thoughts. One shared secret was the art of cooking.

The von Stackelberg´s chef made a fantastic juicy cinnamon flavoured apple pudding that was familiy´s favourite. One afternoon, the chef was cooking this family favourite when Emmeline and Otto ran in to the kitchen which had actually been forbidden to the kids. The children observed and the chef allowed Emmeline to flavour the dish. Thisfinger tip of cinnamon inflamed Emmeline´s passion for cooking and Otto supported her. Emmeline never became a cook, but tasty food was very important to her. During the restaurant renovation we found cinnamon and it was just the hint we needed to name the restaurant after Emmeline who adored good food and enjoyed it with friends; and Otto who always supported his sister and loved to invite good friends over for a drink in the afternoon.

You are sure to find such hospitality and also a real passion for cooking in “Emmeline& Otto“.  A finger tipof cinnamon is still somewhere in the air of the restaurant to arouse your sense of taste to enjoy good food. The restaurant “Emmeline & Otto“ presents a combination of dynamism, intensity, but with a dash of feminine tenderness, elegance and creativity. Here, we love serving good Estonian food whilst our guests enjoy a bit history and tradition and experience the variety and beautiful seasonal colors on their plates. Our menu is simple, with familiar flavours and fresh ingredients.

If you are looking not only for good food, but something chic within a historical setting, then “Emmeline & Otto” is the perfect place to enjoy lunch or dinner or organize an elegant private event for your friends or partners.


OTTO’s Wine & Tapas Bar has gotten it’s name after the first son of baron Theophil von Stackelberg, Otto. Otto had a sister, Emmeline, and both were very close. To support Emmeline’s passion for cooking, Otto often used to invite over some friends for afternoon drinks and snacks. Eventually the afternoon drinks turned into evening drinks and soon everybody knew that if you wanted to have a good time, the von Stackelberg Manor was the place to go.

To continue the traditions started by Otto, we have created a wine & tapas bar with cozy atmosphere, where everyone can come to enjoy delicious wine, snacks and simply have a good time. The wine bar is also closely tied with the a la carte restaurant Emmeline & Otto right down the hall, since all the delicious snacks to enjoy with the wine come from the chefs of the restaurant.

About the bar

OTTO’s is a wine bar, that has grown out of the desire to offer a taste experience for the fans of quality wine and delicious food.

If You’re not looking for a simply place to hang, but for something truly unique, OTTO’s is the one for You. We are located close to the Old Town, in the von Stackelberg Hotel. With the cozy yet stylish interior the place is the epitome of elegance. We want our guests to feel welcomed.

Our purpose is to offer delicious snacks and even more delicious wine, all in a comfortable setting and for a reasonable price. Simple and modern dishes inspired from the Mediterranean cuisine are the perfect side to our selection of wines.


OTTO’s is an ideal place for organizing different events and receptions. You can host very different events starting with romantic evenings to smaller company events.

In addition to the possibility of hosting different events.